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CERN Cranks Up Large Hadron Collider To Record High Energies

April 8, 2012 1 comment

Steve Bates - Yellow Doggerel Democratic Views

After four months of downtime for maintenance and modifications, the Large Hadron Collider, CERN’s newest and the world’s most powerful particle accelerator, set a record for the highest-energy collision of protons, 8 TeV. Two proton beams each at 4 TeV were accelerated to near light speed and collided, generating a shower of particles and consequently data that will take a lot of computing to evaluate. The LHC’s highest projected collision energy, 7 TeV per beam, will be reached in increments over the coming year. The LHC is thought to be the first instrument capable of producing the Higgs boson, the one remaining particle in the Standard Model of particle physics that is not known to have been observed. (Forgive the awkward sentence construction, but that is exactly the way things stand.) The Higgs particle is significant not just for completeness, but because it is thought to be the particle that gives all…

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Fuels From Algae

April 1, 2012 1 comment


In the spectrum of alternative fuel sources, biofuel made from algae
is perhaps the most easily mocked.
 How could the slimy green muck that
grows in your aquarium and washes up on the beach be a future
cornerstone of American energy independence? So when President Obama
stood before the University of Miami recently and said algae could
provide up to 17 percent of our transportation fuel, we wanted to know:
Is he right? Here’s what we found out:
In February, President Obama announced the Department of Energy would
allocate $14 million in new funding to develop transportation fuels
from algae. DOE is already supporting over 30 such projects, together
worth $94 million.
project of
Croatian Center of Renewable Energy Sources (CCRES)

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The Ancestral Context

March 31, 2012 Leave a comment

Exist Anew

Source unknownWritten by Beau DeCourcy

We exist today in a paradox of elusive wellness and abundant medical treatment, and  it makes no sense.  We look to conventional medical treatment to manage symptoms and we accept our declining health as a normal part of aging.  We need to re-evaluate this process, own our individual health and look deeper as to why we ended up here.

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Bonding over Abono: Organic Compost and Sustainable Community Development

March 21, 2012 5 comments

The Sustainable Buffet

The composting project in Nombre De Jesus, Chalatenango, El Salvador was one of the big reasons I decided to study International Development in grad school–in addition to being one of the reasons I have such a deep admiration for the people of El Salvador.  Mecho, the mayor of the municipality had been at a conference in Brazil, saw a similar composting project in action, learned the basics, and believed that this would be something his municipality could do to improve their homes, health, and economy.

When I first visited Potrerillos in 2003 the project had been up and running for a little bit more than a year by the municipality’s youth.  In coordination with the municipality’s health promoters, who taught participating families how to sort their organic and inorganic waste, the youth collected the organic waste from the villages of Potrerillos and Nombre de Jesus and brought it to the…

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Top 8 ways to destror your Testosterone!

March 10, 2012 Leave a comment

Thoughts for the day...

Below are jus some of the random facts that I feel everyone should know as both males and females WANT to have their testosterone elevated for many health and fitness related reasons which can be discussed in another time. So let’s start reading now shall we.

1-No exercise. Doing resistance training has been shown clinically that it increases testosterone by 37%. Muscles are a good sign of testosterone high testosterone, and girls love this! By exercising a lot more your body will naturally produce much more Testosterone. When you workout very hard your body will increase the amount of testosterone that you have. To get the best benefits from exercise to boost your low testosterone you will need to do compound exercises. What that means is you will need to do more exercises that require more than one muscle at a time. The more muscles you use during a hard…

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