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Red Rock Canyon – Beautiful Silence

October 5, 2013 2 comments

I was surrounded by beauty, nature proudly displaying its color, its magnificence, the word majesty came to mind. All this in the desert no less. The scene in front of me was majestic – the vastness of the mountain range, the intense hue of colors that challenged my visual cortex to see, really see what was in front of me. I tried to breath it all in.

It was surreal, truly feeling to me like a dream. I scrambled out of our car several times, climbing to get closer.

Red Rock Canyon is situated about 35 minutes from the Las Vegas strip and our plan to visit it was an after thought. As we approached the National Conservation area, I was floored. I had never experienced a scene like what was presented to me and at that moment I quickly realized that this was it. The “IT” moment.

There is a sentiment amongst people out there that this “IT” moment comes around once in a lifetime. I’m not a believer in that thinking as I’ve experienced several of those “IT” moments, the recognition of that moment requires living in that moment and breathing it all in. This time around, it didn’t take a whole lot of my spiritual being to recognize another defining moment for me.

A planned half day visit turned into a glorious full day of desert exploration, learning and most importantly for me, the experience of it all. One such experience I’d like to share is the beautiful silence that envelopes Red Rock. It’s no secret that I’m a huge believer in meditation and have meditated to learn and experience consciousness as vibration. Not 5 minutes into our hike, the silence overwhelmed me. I wasn’t prepared to learn so quickly about the strength of deafening silence and although I didn’t move, the excitement and fear mixed together was spiritual, something that I’ll cherish for a lifetime.


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